2017 International Windmiller's Trade Fair: Day Two

June 14 | 2017

Day Two of the International Windmiller's Trade Fair started early today with registration at 8am. We got our table set up in Baker Hall at the Mid America Windmill Museum, complete with free apple cider provided by Kimmel Orchard & Vinyard. An opening address was given by Jerry Davis who unfortunately announced the recent death of Russell Baker, the founder of the Mid America Windmill Museum and great friend to many long-time Windmillers, on Saturday June 10th. A wonderful welcome was delivered by Kendallville Mayor Suzanne Handshoe, which was followed by a history of the Museum and rememberance of Russell Baker presented by Larry Doyle. A short video followed highlighting the many years Baker devoted to the Mid America Windmill Museum. 

As the long day of trading and swapping rusty iron got under way, we were happy to greet a good amount of Trade Fair attendees at our table and begin to promote Nebraska City as the site of the 2019 IWTF. The reception we received from those that came to inspect our table in Baker Hall was incredibly positive and most people seemed quite pleased at the idea of the Kregel Museum hosting the 2019 Trade Fair in Nebraska City, especially since it would be a new location for the event. Although there are a couple other venues vying for the IWTF in 2019, we are positive that Nebraska City will have a good chance at winning the opportunity to host due to the wonderful attractions, accommodations, and entertainment our great city offers. We look forward to speaking with many more Trade Fair attendees over the next couple days about the benefits of an event in Nebraska City. We are also excited about the upcoming offerings at this year's Trade Fair, including the Hog Roast, assembly of the Fort Wayne windmill on the ground of the Mid America Museum, and the 29th Annual IWTF Banquet. Again, stay tuned for more updates from the International Windmiller's Trade Fair in Kendallville!