2017 International Windmiller's Trade Fair: Day One, The Journey

June 13 | 2017

Well, we had quite the full day of travel to get to our destination before the start of the 2017 International Windmiller's Trade Fair tomorrow in Kendallville, IN. The day began at 7:00am in Nebraska City and ended almost 12 hours later in Auburn, IN, just a few miles away from the Mid America Windmill Museum, the host this year's Trade Fair. The reason we traveled over 650 miles, besides taking part in the 29th Annual IWTF, is to propose Nebraska City and the Kregel Windmill Factory Museum as the host of the 2019 International Windmiller's Trade Fair! The Trade Fair has never been hosted in Nebraska City and it would be an honor for the Kregel Museum to host this yearly gathering. We have some great plans for the 2019 Trade Fair and we will be promoting those plans over the next three days. Keep and eye out here on the blog for updates, photos, and videos throughout the Trade Fair that highlight some of the great events and activities this Fair has to offer!